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MARYAM ABACHA AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF NIGER is the first officially approved bilingual University in Sub Sahara Africa.

Recognized by Nigerian Government Federal Ministry of Education

Accredited by the Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) United Kingdom.

A member of the American Council on Education (ACE).


MAAUN offers different under graduate and post graduate degrees in varied courses and disciplines.

Faculty of Sciences

  • MBBS ( Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of surgery)
  • Bsc in Nursing Sciences
  • Bsc in Medical Laboratory Science
  • Bsc in Public Health
  • Bsc in Enviromental Health
  • Bsc in community Health
  • Bsc in Health Information Management

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science

  • Bsc in Softwares Engineering
  • Bsc in Cyber Security
  • Bsc in computer science
  • Bsc in compter Engineering
  • Bsc in Information Technology
  • Bsc Animal Health

Faculty of Social and Management sciences

  • BSc Public Administration
  • BSc Political Science
  • BSc International Relations
  • BSc International Economics and Finance
  • Bsc International Trade and Economics
  • BSc Accounting
  • BSc Business Administration
  • Bsc Mass Communication

Faculty of Law

  • LLB Law

Faculty of Liberal Arts

  • · BA French
  • Msc in Nursing Sciences
  • Msc in Medical Laboratory Science
  • Msc in Public Health
  • Msc in Environmental Health
  • Msc in community Health
  • Msc in Political science
  • Msc in Public Administration
  • Msc in International Relations
  • M Ed Psychology
  • M Ed Early child education
  • M Ed Educational planning and administration
  • M Ed Guidance and counseling
  • Msc in Business Administration
  • Msc in Accounting
  • Msc in International Trade and Economics
  • Msc in Computer science
  • Msc in Computer Engineering
  • Msc in Information Technology
  • Msc in Cyber Security
  • Msc in Softwares Engineering


The admission into the institution courses is open to every qualified interested student, wishing to pursue his or her undergraduate courses of the university.



Zainab Ibrahim

Bsc Public Health

The eight semesters I have spent studying at Maryam Abacha American university of Niger has been an academic eye opener to me, the knowledge I have acquired there will certainly continue to make a lot of positive impact in my life.


Zainab Namadi

Bsc Nursing graduate

My dream in life is to be Nurse, a dream I have actualized at MAAUN Maradi, now as a MAAUN graduate and a registered nurse, I feel I am living a well fulfilled life. I must acknowledge the effort and sacrifice of parents to have sponsored me to MAAUN Maradi.


Laila Ishaq

Graduate of International Relations

The lecturers at MAAUN were extremely dedicated, hard working and very effective in their teaching. I had an excellent learning experience there. The most telling comment I can make on MAAUN is this: My experience was delightful, I am planning to return there for my post graduate studies, and the prospect of returning is irresistible.


Fatima Sani Gwarzo

graduate Bsc Nursing Sciences

The lecturers of Maryam Abacha American University of Niger Maradi are so caring individuals who show concern to their students and ready to assist at every moment. My most rewarding experiences at MAAUN include the one-on-one personal attention I received from lecturers. At MAAUN students are taken under tutors arm, this gave a sense of belonging while still a student.


Sumayya Babangida

Graduate Bsc Nursing Sciences

The atmosphere for learning at MAAUN Maradi is quite exquisite. Small students to teacher ratio allows for more personalized learning based on the needs of the student. Every lecturer has interest in each student's potential.

Abdullahi Aliyu

Abdullahi Aliyu

Graduate Bsc Sociology

After completing my studies at MAAUN, I feel like I am a different person and just like I have achieved everything in my life, because the knowledge I gained there has a positive effect on my life.

Haruna Masu

Haruna Masu

Graduate Bsc Business Administration

The teachers at MAAUN were all very kind and humble. The administrators were also very pleasant. I immensely enjoyed my degree program there. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to study at this prestigious university. I will be back for my Masters.

Farouq Abdullahi Yakasai

Farouk Abdullahi Yakasai

Graduate Public Health

I am really thankful to all members of MAAUN community, the lectures were more of parents, hearty and helpful, and they give students moral parental care, their attention is always on their students just to ensure we benefited from their vast knowledge and experience. I am really proud to be Alumni of MAAUN.


Aminu Abbas

Graduate of B. sc Environmental Health, Now studying Masters in South Africa

I enjoyed studying at MAAUN beyond my words, studying there was awesome, how I wish all students will be there, only that studying there is rare opportunity. I thank God I got that chance.


Abubakar Abdulkarim, B. SC. MDLS.

Abubakar Abdulkarim

Graduate, Bsc Medical Laboratory Sciences

My post graduate studies in nursing sciences at this prestigious university, MAAUN, provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn from the profession as practicing medical Doctors, I really benefited from MAAUN considerable vast experience and expertise.

Saifuldeen Ishaq

Saifuldeen Ishaq

Medical Laboratory Science graduate

 I studied B Sc Medical laboratory science from MAAUN Maradi, and use it now in my job as medical laboratory scientist, my new skills from there is credible.

Ahmad Bashar Aliyu

Ahmad Bashar Adam

Graduate Bsc Medical Laboratory Science

The quality of education I received in MAAUN exceeded my imagination. Lecturers there displayed genuine interest in the needs of the students. Their encouragement and efforts afforded me the opportunity to be what I am today.

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Making a Difference...

"My dream in life is to make a difference in the life of others. I believe this can be achieve by providing people with high quality and sound education. This prompted my thinking of how I can make education accessible and affordable to our teaming youths. I am now full of excitement that I have founded an exceptional institution of learning that comes to be one of the innovative and leading private universities in Africa and the world that offers various degree programs in many discipline.

As founder and President, my aspirations is to make MAAUN a centre of academic excellence, where youths will get the right knowledge and experience they need for their life to prosper and to enable them meet the challenges of rapidly changing world."


Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo
Founder/ President-MAAUN


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