About The University

Mission Statement

As enshrined in the university’s vision, MAAUN is committed to providing the world with well educated and talented leaders and captains of industries through providing qualitative education and talents to all generations, and to make education affordable and accessible to all.

Among the core values of this university is to the equip youths with the capability and capacity to navigate the vessel of world development and progress. That is why at MAAUN, we encourage staff and students to engage in innovative research to explore how we can individually and collectively change the world to be a better place for all mankind.


Introduction and History             

Maryam Abacha American University of Niger, acronym MAAUN, is a large private International university situated in Maradi city of Niger Republic, is an institution with a wide range of programs, faculties and departments, offering undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Applied and Basic sciences, in Liberal Arts, in Social and Management sciences. It is a university with a population of over ten thousand under graduates and more ten five thousand post graduate students.

The status MAAUN occupies in advancing knowledge is unparallel in the African continent. Maryam Abacha American University of Niger Maradi is the first English university in Niger Republic as well as the first Bilingual University in the Sub-Saharan Africa and is approved by governments of all African Nations.


Maryam Abacha American university of Niger, Maradi is one of the Africa’s leading universities that provide qualitative and affordable education to students.

Our university has pool of vibrant, articulate, brilliant and intellectual resource persons, tutors and scholars of the highest caliber on permanent and visiting services.

Due to the hard work, zeal and commitment of the leadership and tutors of this institution, Maryam Abacha American University of Niger, Maradi has evolved, grown and developed as a well-known prestigious university.

Within few years of its creation, MAAUN has achieved a great deal of milestone. MAAUN has risen through the ranks and set the pace in advancing knowledge in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The university has recorded a lot of successes along this line, as tens and thousands of candidates have graduated and obtained varied degree certificates from this prestigious university.

MAAUN is recognized by Nigerian Government Federal Ministry of Education. That is why our graduates participate in the one year mandatory NYSC service back home in Nigeria. Our medical laboratory science graduates perform wonderfully at professional body’s examination. In 2018 and 2019 they have recorded 99% success at their respective council exams.

MAAUN has been accredited by the Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) United Kingdom.

MAAUN is member of American Council on Education (ACE). USA

MAAUN is a member of International Association of Universities (an affiliation of UNESCO) Paris.

MAAUN has a life membership with International Academic and Management Association (IAMA) India.

MAAUN is a member of Association of African Universities (AAU) Ghana

MAAUN is a member of Association of African Private Universities (AAPU). Nigeria

As international university our institution is a place that provides students with great opportunities: the opportunity to get qualitative education, to get life experiences, exchange ideas, opinion and cultures with people from different walks of life, to meet and make friends with people studying varied programs and courses.

MAAUN Maradi
was founded in 2013 by Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo Foundation with the mission to provide opportunities for teaming youths to acquire knowledge and skills in different fields and professions, for them to prepare themselves for life challenges and decide what to do with their knowledge; either be self employed, join the private sector or seek employment in the public service.

MAAUN is situated at Maradi City in Niger Republic, about thirty minutes North-Ward drive from Magamar jibia, a Nigeria/Niger boarder town, and about Forty minutes air flight from Niamey, the capital city of Niger Republic.

You can visit MAAUN for admission information or just take a tour of our institution to visit the university and see students on real learning activities.

To fulfill MAAUN mission of providing qualitative education today for a better tomorrow and to achieve the university’s objective of providing qualitative education, the university management under the leadership of Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo set up a strategy committee to among other things, ensure that:

Standard is maintain and preserved in the university’s academic activities

The university teachers and students undertake innovative research on global issues.

The university is among the world leading universities in academic excellence.

Life at MAAUN is pleasant, interesting and adventurous, we admit students from diverse Nationalities with different cultural backgrounds.

MAAUN is well known for instilling sound moral discipline to students, for MAAUN offer not only certificates but also character.

We also provide academic and personal guidance and counseling to students to assist them in their educational journey. Our host community, Maradi, is nice place to stay, the weather is typical of African Sahel-savannah cities.

As centre of commerce and a historical city, Maradi offers comfortable restaurants, renowned shops, Malls and many cultural attraction sites.

MAAUN provides decent hostel accommodation for students wishing to stay in campus, and provide an option for off campus students. There are varieties of comfortable and affordable renting houses, provided at affordable prices, by members of Maradi community for our teaming students that want to enjoy off campus life.